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Thoughts on photography, writing and the combination of the two by P.J. Onori.

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Step one

Fundamentals are boring. They often seem braindead-simple and unrelated to what you’re actually trying to do. That’s why I usually overlooked fundamentals in my pursuits to focus on the “fun stuff”. This resulted in short-lived progress concluded by hitting a brick wall. No amount of effort could overcome...  Read more

Our Ideas Are Cheap Because We Treat Them Cheaply

I have 30 minutes to write this post. I normally do not write posts that quickly. It usually takes me a long time to write on my blog because I want to make it as polished as possible. I know a new post will get immediate readership and exponentially drop-off...  Read more

A Fulfilling Vacuum

I've a long, deep relationship with photography. It began 13 years ago in college, took a three year hiatus and then has been with me ever since. I began taking photos for myself, my friends and family. Then came Web 2.0 and my habits changed. I followed in the...  Read more

Write Like You Design

I have long held the opinion that writing was part of design. I did not practice it. Writing was not given much priority while I attended art school. Writing continued to be of secondary concern during the early years of my career. I took my writing seriously once my wife...  Read more